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There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

In my experience of many discussion groups and mailing lists involving intelligent people engaged in debating solutions to deeply interesting and pressing questions, you can be sure that those prepared to put time into the discussions are passionate.

In fact you can be pretty sure that they are so passionate that they probably have a life project to do more than simply debate the current topic with you in the current group / list / forum.

All of us therefore need to be aware, that however important our own project is (and IMHO it really is), it cannot be sold to as the silver bullet solution to everyone else's project.

Our joint project needs to be receptive to the flow of each individual sub-project - more fluid dynamically receptive than simply joining (static) dots or weaving (flexible) threads might imply. This is the reason I list "respect" as the overarching rule of engagement for any "wise" collaboration. And, where our agenda is "applied wisdom" in particular, we must all treat ourselves with our own medicine.

Nick is right about the value of Popperian Aim-Oriented Rationality, but it's not the silver bullet.

Lee is right about the value of Applied Wisdom Wikiversity, but it is not the silver bullet.

Alan is right about the value of Natural Inclusion, but it is not the silver bullet.

And so on. In fact we want to avoid shooting each other at all costs ;-)

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