Joining Dots and Weaving Threads

Sharing the wisdom of common values

This is a network to allow collaborative activities between:
* individuals and groups who may already have active initiatives of their own, which they already promote through other networks.
* individuals and groups who recognize overlapping areas for constructive and inclusive collaboration whilst maintaining the identity of their own work.
* individuals and groups who recognize that values, wisdom & quality are relevant to all areas of human activity, including the objective sciences as well as those where human nature and aesthetics are positively encouraged.
* individuals and groups who appreciate that there is more to progressing human discourse than criticism.

Initially we have:

* A page linking to other relevant initiatives, networks and discussion fora.
* A forum of our own with our own collaborative "rules of engagement".
* A blog for news updates.
* An events calendar.

Several other features are envisaged:

* A space to publish (or publish links to) new pieces of writing of any kind considered relevant by members (where the same "rules of engagement" apply).
* A space to publish pieces of writing that are considered to be theses or hypotheses where criticism is actively sought.
* Poets corner
* Satirists corner
* (anything members wish to propose)

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