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Global Well-Being through Statesmanship

Statesmanship is a rare combination of wisdom and courage. Statesmanship requires the wisdom to envision a world as it can be, and the courage to make it happen. Statesmanship is what we must expect from all of our elected officials.

We must engage in political discourse based on intelligent, fact-based dialogue on the most important issues. A focus on statesmanship can lead to our increasing…


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There is no Silver Bullet

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

In my experience of many discussion groups and mailing lists involving intelligent people engaged in debating solutions to deeply interesting and pressing questions, you can be sure that those prepared to put time into the discussions are passionate.

In fact you can be pretty sure that they are so passionate that they probably have a life project to do more than simply debate the current…


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Neurotic Rationality

This is a review I published a couple of years ago, of Nick Maxwell's "Is Science Neurotic".
In fact it is a good summary of the Friends of Wisdom agenda in adding wisdom to the more irrational aspects of rational enquiry generally, not just in science and academe.

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Let's Get Started

This is a network to allow collaborative activities between:

* individuals and groups who may already have active initiatives of their own, which they already promote through other networks.

* individuals and groups who recognize overlapping areas for constructive and inclusive collaboration whilst maintaining the identity of their own work.

* individuals and groups who recognize that values, wisdom & quality are relevant to all areas of human activity,… Continue

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