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I'll just express one reservation I had about 'joining the dots'.

Basically, I don't think of myself as a dot. And I don't think about relating to others as getting connected.

Those kinds of imagery omit what I feel is vital to include if we are ever to be aware of our selves as we naturally are in the world as it naturally is.

My attached file describes how to arrive at such a 'natural inclusional awareness' through contemplation of a simple question. 

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Hi Alan, thanks for drawing attention to that - I share your reservation. In fact I also just posted a new blog that highlights this too. :
This remains a working title, and in fact the whole Ning implementation should be seen as provisional. As soon as a reasonable working definition emerges of what we are about here, I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a mix of Wikimedia, WordPress (or Ning), mailing list and social media. Others are encouraged to suggest where we go with this.

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